Enabling a Story for Translation

You can enable a story for translation in a series of simple steps.


See Content Administration for help on translating story metadata, the Translator role, the Translation Dashboard, and translation tasks that you can perform there.


  1. To access a story that you want to enable translation for, do one of the following:
    • From the Home Screen, under Recent Stories, select the story.
    • From the () Main Menu, select Files and then select the story.
  2. Next to Controls, click Edit.
  3. From the (Edit Story) dropdown list, select Story Details.
    The Story Details dialog shows the following details of the story: Title, Description, and the Mark for translation toggle button option.
  4. You have to turn on the Mark for translation toggle for each story to make it visible in the translation dashboard.
    The admin has the rights to turn on or turn off the toggle to activate translation. (To navigate to turn on the toggle, go to Main Menu, Start of the navigation pathSystem Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step System ConfigurationEnd of the navigation path, turn on or turn off the Allow translation of user content toggle.
  5. Once the toggle is turned on, click OK.

    Any changes made to the story will be sent for translation every time the story is saved.

    The Data access language selected by you at the time of sending the story for translation becomes the source language of the story.
    If you disable Mark for translation for a story that has been enabled for translation, all of its translations will be permanently deleted.