Use Charts to Visualize Data

Create charts in SAP Analytics Cloud stories to display your data.

Whether you want to see a visual representation of your data or want to show it to someone else, charts can help you. There are many ways to visualize your data, from bar charts and waterfall charts to tree maps or pie charts.

Once you've picked a chart type, selected your model and added measures and dimensions, you can move onto other tasks such as adding a variance or an axis break, or changing how the data is displayed.

Use the Builder to select the measures and dimensions to include in your chart.

Use the Styling tools to enhance the presentation.

Use the Examine panel to create a table based on the data in your chart.

You can add multiple measures and multiple dimensions to your chart. When measures or dimensions are part of a hierarchy or when a dimension has attributes, you can expand them and select their children or expand a dimension and select its attributes. You can also apply filters to your measures and dimensions. The chart is updated as you make your choices in the Builder.