Creating Geo Spatial Models from HANA Calculation Views

You can import a location-enabled model from a live HANA calculation view and use this data source to add multiple location dimensions to a new model.


To create a Geo model in SAP Analytics Cloud from calculation views on a live HANA system:
  • The HANA system should be at least on SPS11 on 112.07 or higher or SPS12 on 122.03 or higher.
  • You need to perform data preparation on your source data before undertaking the steps below. For more information see SAP Note 2395407Information published on SAP site.


  1. From the () Main Menu, select Start of the navigation path Create Next navigation step  ModelEnd of the navigation path.
  2. Select Start of the navigation pathGet data from a data source Next navigation step Live Data connectionEnd of the navigation path to create a new model.
    From the acquire data panel, select the filter icon to narrow down the number of data sources in the list. You can filter by data source type or by category.

    The Create Model From Live Data Connection dialog is displayed.

    1. In the System Type field, select SAP HANA.
    2. Then in the Connection field, select the name of the live HANA system containing the calculation views you want to import.
      Provide your access credentials to the system in the displayed Set Credentials dialog.
    3. Select the name of the calculation view you want to import from the Data Source list.
    4. Provide a name for the new model and select OK.
      The calculation view is imported and saved with the new model.
  3. Select the (Create a Location Dimension) icon.
    The Create Location Dimension dialog is displayed.
  4. In Create Location Dimension, map the location identifier for your calculation view with the corresponding location data and mapping identifiers.
    Field Required information
    Location Identifier Select the key column which contains the identifier for the locations
    View Name Select the location data view.
    Location Dimension Name This name is automatically generated from the Location Data name.
    Identifier for Mapping Select the name of the key column of the location data view.
    the column names in the calculation view model and the location data view have to be unique.
  5. Save your model.


You can now visualize the location data on a geo map.