Creating Blended Tables

You can create tables with data from different models.


You have already set up linked dimensions between models. For more information on linked dimensions, see Creating Linked Dimensions.


If you are using live data models for blending, additional prerequisites and setup may be required. For more information, see Blending Data.


  1. Insert a table and select the data source for the table.
  2. In Builder, select measures and dimensions from the primary model.

    The primary model is selected by default in the Data Source list. The primary model is the model used to create the table.

    Linked dimensions will have a (Link) icon.

  3. Under Data Source, select a secondary model.

    If no other models are listed, select Add Linked Model and then select a model from the list.

  4. Add measures or dimensions to the table.
  5. (Optional) Select a new Link Type from the list. There are three options:
    • All primary data – Allows all data in the primary model, and corresponding data in a secondary model to appear in the table.
    • All data – Allows all data in the primary and secondary model to appear in the table. (This option isn't available when linking on hierarchies.)
    • Intersecting data only – Allows only linked data to appear in the table.


The table displays data from both the primary and secondary models.