Aggregation in Formulas

By default, when formulas include aggregated quantities, aggregation is performed before the formula calculations. Use exception aggregation if you want the aggregation done after the calculations.

SAP Analytics Cloud first attempts to aggregate the data as much as possible, and then processes any calculations. If no exception aggregation is defined, this process applies to all dimensions of the model. If exception aggregation is defined, the dimensions that are defined as exception aggregation dimensions are excluded from this processing. The exception aggregation is then processed after the calculations.

Because exception aggregation is done last, you can specify exception aggregation to ensure that the aggregation is done after the formula calculations.

For example, if you have the formula Total Income = Price * Volume, you might want to ensure that the Total Income amounts are summed after the Price * Volume calculations are done. In this case, use the SUM exception aggregation type for Total Income, and specify all of the available dimensions as exception aggregation dimensions:

For more information, see published on SAP site.