SAP Analytics Cloud logs all activities users perform on business objects, for example, making changes on a model, and changes to the sharing settings for all items in the Files area.

In addition, SAP Analytics Cloud can log failed attempts to create, delete, and change objects in the following situations:
  • Missing authorization
  • Disallowed or invalid change
Viewing Activity Log Data

You can view the audited activities in the SAP Analytics Cloud by selecting Start of the navigation path() Main Menu Next navigation step  Security Next navigation step  ActivitiesEnd of the navigation path.

To display the log, your user ID must be assigned to a role that grants Read permission on the Activity Log.

To filter for specific types of activities, select the (Filter) icon. In the Set Filters dialog, you can select one or more parameters to filter in the Available Filters list. In the Active Filters list, type or choose a filter value for each parameter that you select. When you select OK, the log is filtered according to your selections.

You can also select Download options to download the log data in CSV files. If you applied filters to the log, the entries that you filtered out are also excluded from the download.