Schedule a Publication

You can create a schedule for publishing a story to users and teams of your choice.

You can schedule a publication in a non-SAP data center environment.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud can be hosted either on SAP data centers or on non-SAP data centers. Determine which environment SAP Analytics Cloud is hosted in by inspecting your SAP Analytics Cloud URL:
    • A single-digit number, for example us1 or jp1, indicates an SAP data center.
    • A two-digit number, for example eu10 or us30, indicates a non-SAP data center.
You can create a single schedule or a recurring schedule. You can later view, modify, or delete an occurrence or a recurrence of the schedule. You can schedule and share customized views of your story in the form of Bookmarks or views within a story.
Supported Formats
  • PDF

  • Link

  • PPTX
  • E-mail (size limit: 12 MB)