Data Changes

Once you've activated the data auditing settings in the model Preferences, SAP Analytics Cloud logs all changes to the transaction data of that model when users publish data from private versions to public versions.

Audit Scope

The Data Changes page shows logs of all the changes to the transaction data in any model that has data auditing enabled. The audit data is logged when data is published from a private version. All changed cells in the published version will be audited. The audit information for each changed cell includes the following:

  • Date and time of the change
  • User who made the change
  • Original value
  • New value
Audit Report

You can build multi-dimensional reports to view all data changes on any data region. If the data region contains an aggregated node, the system will perform aggregation in the report.

To display the report, your user ID must be assigned to a role that grants Read permission on the Data Change Log.