Adding Content Links

You can create URL links to content outside of SAP Analytics Cloud, and save them in the Files list or publish them to the Catalog.


For example, you may have documents on a different BI platform system, or various web resources, that you want to make available to SAP Analytics Cloud users.


  1. Select Start of the navigation path (Main Menu) Next navigation step  Create Next navigation step  Content LinkEnd of the navigation path.
  2. Type a name for the content, and optionally a description.
  3. Type or paste a URL for the content.
  4. Select Next.
    A card is created for the content. You can add images, define filters, and add tags or other links. Select Save when you're finished. The content link appears in the Files list.
  5. If you want to publish the content to the Catalog, see Publishing Content to the Catalog.
  6. If you want to edit the content link information, open the item from the Files list.
    Or, to change the URL of the content link, point to the item in the Files list, and then select Start of the navigation path (More Actions) Next navigation step Edit Content LinkEnd of the navigation path.