Creating a Live Dataset

You want to create a live dataset using data from your SAP HANA on-premise system.


Ensure that a connection has been established between your SAP HANA on-premise system and SAP Analytics Cloud. For more information, see Live Data Connection.

Ensure that you have one of the following security roles: Predictive Admin,BI Admin, or Admin.


  1. From the main menu, select Start of the navigation pathCreate Next navigation step DatasetEnd of the navigation path.
  2. Select Data from a data source.
    The window Select a data source opens.
  3. From the Connect to Live Data area, select your existing SAP HANA Live Data Repository and fulfill the steps to complete connection:
    Information requested What does it mean
    1- Select a Data Repository Select the Data Repository, which has been set up to create your live datasets.
    2- Select a table The existing schemas available for this Data repository are displayed. Select the one that points to the actual data stored in your SAP HANA on premise system.
  4. Give a name to your dataset in SAP Analytics Cloud and save it.
    The dataset is now created and appears in the Files menu of SAP Analytics Cloud.

Next Steps

As the data stays in your on-premise SAP HANA system, the data is available in real time: you don't need to manually upload the dataset each time you update your data. Any data changes you make to your tables and SQL views in your SAP HANA on-premise system appear immediately in the live dataset stored in SAP Analytics Cloud, as long as you do not change the list of columns used. To update the predictions, you need only two steps:
  1. Retrain your predictive model if you want to get it updated.
    This step is recommended for Time series predictive models.
  2. Re-apply the updated predictive model to get the output SAP HANA table updated. The updated predictions will be right-away visible into your stories.
    When applying classification and regression predictive models, make sure to select the exact same list of predictive outputs so that the existing output table can be updated in SAP HANA.