Specifying Required Dimensions

You can set the required dimensions for a measure.


Some dimensions may be required for the calculation of a measure; for example, in a Lookup formula. If not all required dimensions are in the current drill state, users are notified that the displayed numbers could be incorrect.

You can set certain dimensions for a measure to be required, so that in stories and in the Explorer, users are informed if those dimensions are missing.


  1. Open a model in the grid view.
  2. Select the cell in the Required Dimensions column for a measure.
  3. Select to open the Dimensions dialog.
  4. Choose which dimensions you want to be required for that measure.


  • Dimensions that are marked as hidden on the All Dimensions tab are not displayed in the Select Dimensions dialog.
  • Dimensions that are set as required can't be marked as hidden on the All Dimensions tab.