Import Data Connection to SAP Integrated Business Planning

You can create a connection that allows you to import data from both on-premise and cloud SAP Integrated Business Planning sources.


You have completed ONE of the following setup options:


While OData exposes one-to-many navigation, SAP Analytics Cloud cannot follow these relationships because doing so would distort the measures at the parent level. OData v4.0 supports Lambda operators “any” and “all”, which can reduce the collection of children to a single Boolean value. For this to work, both the server and SAP Analytics Cloud must support OData v4.0.


  1. Go to Start of the navigation path (Main Menu) Next navigation step  Connection Next navigation step Connections Next navigation step  (Add Connection)End of the navigation path.
    The Select a data source dialog will appear.
  2. Expand Acquire Data and select SAP Integrated Business Planning.
  3. In the New SAP Integrated Business Planning dialog, enter a name for the connection.
  4. Select Connect to an On-Premise OData service to connect to an on-premise source. If this option is not selected, the driver will connect to cloud SAP Integrated Business Planning data sources.
  5. If you are connecting to an on-premise OData service, select the Location of your cloud connector from the list.
  6. Enter the Data Service URL published during your configuration.
    You may add extra url parameters in the Data Service URL field, to accommodate data-source-specific constraints on authentication. For example, you may pass in the saml2=disabled parameter to disable SAML, or sap-system-login-basic_auth=X to disable custom login. All the parameters entered in the Data Service URL field (anything following "?" in the url) are only used in the authentication flow, and are ignored in the data queries.
  7. Select the authentication type.
    The following authentication types are available:
    • Basic Authentication

    Select the Enable users to schedule for story publishing option if you want to let your users schedule the publishing of stories.