Troubleshooting Data Entry Errors

If you encountered an error message when entering data in a table, check here for solutions and suggestions.

Data Entry with Restricted Measures or Advanced Filters

In some tables with advanced filters or multiple restricted measures and filters, you might see the following message after trying to enter data:

Sorry, we couldn’t carry out your data entry because all leaf member combinations for this cell are excluded by filters. Please check any advanced filters or restricted members on the account or cross calculation dimensions, or contact the story owner.

There are a few possible reasons that data entry didn’t work for a specific cell:

  • The table has two or more restricted accounts or measures whose filters don’t overlap at all. For example, a cell with a restricted account that shows 2021 data and a restricted measure that shows 2022 data.

  • A restricted account or measure excludes members but those cells still appear in the table because they are included for other accounts or measures.

    Data entry isn't possible for the net revenue 2020 restricted account in the 2019 cell
  • An advanced filter excludes a cell but the cell still appears in your table because of the structure of the filter. For example, the filter includes 2019 plan data and 2020 forecast data, and you enter data on the 2019 forecast cell.

    Settting up an advanced filter that excludes the 2019 forecast and 2020 plan data

    The table shows the excluded cells because of the structure of the filter

    For details about advanced filters, see Advanced Filtering.

Data Entry with Cell Locks and Validation Rules

You entered planning data into a table and an error message appeared telling you that updating the member's value failed due to dimension combination rules, cell locks, or other technical reasons.

If the aggregation type of the account dimension for this story is of type None, an error message appeared telling you that some member values couldn't be assigned the correct value due to dimension combination rules, cell locks, or other technical reasons.

Possible Reason How to resolve this issue
There's a dimension combination rule that defines this data cell as an invalid member combination for data entry. Please ask your planning modeler to check the dimension combination rules defined for this model. See: Creating Validation Rules with Existing Attributes
One or more child cells are locked by cell locks and prevent you from entering data to this parent data cell. Please check the cell locks in the table and unlock the affected cells. Then it will be possible to assign the member value and the parent cell can be updated with your data entry. See: About Value Lock Management