Import Data Connection to Qualtrics

You can create a connection that lets you import data from Qualtrics.



If your SAP Analytics Cloud system is hosted on a data center located within China, this feature is not available.


  1. Go to Start of the navigation path (Main Menu) Next navigation step  Connection Next navigation step Connections Next navigation step  (Add Connection)End of the navigation path.
    The Select a data source dialog appears.
  2. Expand Acquire Data and select Qualtrics.
  3. In the New Qualtrics Connection dialog, enter a name and a description for the new connection.
  4. Enter a Data Center and Qualtrics API Token.
    For information about how to generate the API token, see the Qualtrics website: published on non-SAP site
  5. Select Create.
  6. If you want to create a model based on this connection, see Importing Qualtrics Data to a New or Existing Model.