Configure Your On-Premise Systems to Use the SAPCP Cloud Connector (Beta)

Configure your on-premise data source systems to use the SAPCP cloud connector.



Currently, only selected Beta customers can create live data connections using the cloud connector. If you are interested in the Beta program, please contact your SAP account manager.

Please note that the following conditions apply during the Beta period:

  • Your company acknowledges that the software is a preliminary version and not subject to any productive use license agreement or any other agreement with SAP.
  • SAP has no obligation to include or remove any functionality from the software in any future version or in any SAP standard product.
To use the SAP Cloud Platform cloud connector for data source connections, you'll need to complete these configuration steps:
At this time, this capability exists only for tenants on non-SAP data centers, and for SAP BW and SAP S/4HANA data sources. A two-digit number in your SAP Analytics Cloud URL, for example eu10 or us30, indicates a non-SAP data center.


  1. Log in to the Cloud Connector Administration application.
  2. In the left-side menu, select Cloud To On-Premise.
  3. In the Subaccount field, choose your SAP Analytics Cloud subaccount.
  4. On the Access Control tab, in the Mapping Virtual To Internal System section, click (Add) to add a new mapping to your live data system.
  5. In the Add System Mapping dialog, use the following values:
    Back-end Type ABAP system
    Protocol HTTPS

    Internal Host

    Internal Port

    <system host>

    <system port>

    Virtual Host

    Virtual Port

    <can use the same host as the internal host>

    <can use the same port as the internal port>

    Principal Type X.509 Certificate (General Usage)
  6. Allow access to your system paths:
    1. In the Resources Of section, click (Add).
    2. Enter the URL Path: /.
    3. Choose Path and all sub-paths.
      You can configure the accessible paths here if you don't want to allow access to all paths.
    4. Select Save.
  7. Switch to the Principal Propagation tab.
  8. Select (Synchronize) to synchronize the identity providers.
  9. Download the SAPCP cloud connector's system certificate:

    If the cloud connector is newly installed, there is no certificate available to download. The certificate needs to be either uploaded or generated first. To add a certificate, see

    1. Switch back to the Access Control tab.
    2. In the left-side menu, select Configuration.
    3. Select the On Premise tab.
    4. In the System Certificate section, select (Download certificate in DER format), and save the system certificate file.
  10. Generate an SAPCP cloud connector sample certificate based on a valid user's identifier value:
    1. In the Principal Propagation section, select the Create a sample certificate icon.
    2. Type a valid user identifier.
      For example, if you configured “User ID” as the user identifier attribute in your identity provider, use that User ID value here.
    3. Select Generate, and save the sample certificate file.

Next Steps

Next, you'll need to set up the trust between SAP Analytics Cloud and your on-premise systems: Set Up Trust Between SAP Analytics Cloud and Your On-Premise Systems (Beta).