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In the Filter Propertiesdialog box, you get information about the description, the technical name, and the last change to a reusable filter.


Tab Page: General


The name of the filter is displayed here. You can change the description by using Display/Change.

Technical Name

The technical name of the filter is displayed.

Last Changed

Details of the owner and person who last changed the filter, as well as the corresponding date and time when the filter was last changed are displayed.

Tab Page: Advanced


In this field, the unique ID (UID) that is used for unique identification is displayed. This field is only used for information purposes. For example, you can use the UID in URLs of the Web API to address this element. However, we recommend that you use technical names, because UIDs can change when an object is deleted and then re-created.


Select the filter in the InfoProvider or Filter screen area. In the Properties screen area, the properties of the filter are displayed.

You use the Technical Names function to show or hide the technical names of the query components (InfoObjects, structures, variables, and so on). By clicking the arrow to the right of this function, you can choose between display types Text, (Key) Text, Text (Key), and (Key)

You save your settings by choosing Query → Save.

If you want to change the properties of a reusable filter, select it and choose Display/Change in the Properties screen area. You can save your settings by choosing Save.