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The role comparison tool is a tool for administrators who want to compare two similar roles and their menu definition for NWBC. For example, you can compare a copied role and the original role, or a role in different systems. Since an entry of a role has various attributes that influence the navigation structures in NWBC, the tool helps you to identify inconsistencies or updates.


You cannot compare authorization settings of a role by using this tool.

The tool is a Web Dynpro application ( WDA_NWBC_COMPARE_ROLE_MENU). To access it, include it in your favorites or in the user menu.

The tool has the following screen areas:

  • Selection area

    Here you can define which roles you want to compare.

  • Result table

    Here you have the overview of the comparison result. The tool connects two menu entries from the two roles based on the same menu path and entry text.

    In the selection area, you can choose two roles. If a role is not stored in the local system, you can specify the remote system. The remote system refers to a RFC (Remote Function Call) destination, which you can specify in transaction RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain) ( SM59). You can configure the destination to perform authentication automatically by supplying credentials in the destination itself. Entries with the same parent path text and the same entry text are compared. If two entries are connected and compared, both entries are merged into one line in the list. Any entry that is not connected is represented as an additional entry in the related role menu. Depending on whether the entry is additional in the first or second role, the appropriate icon is displayed.

    You have the following options:

    • Display Mode

      You can display both roles or single roles.

    • Main Role

      You can switch between the two roles.

    • Filter

      You can filter entries in the result table.

  • Details area

    For each line in the result table, you can see the details of the comparison result of two entries.

    In the details area, the settings of the connected role entries are displayed. One entry is from the main role (by default, the main role is role 1 from the selection screen), the other entry from the slave role. An icon shows that differences in the attributes exist.