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5.10.2 Assigning Side PanelsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can make an entry in the Role Menu that is defined as a side panel available for other applications and different user roles. This can be a specific role or all roles relevant to a user.


To assign a side panel, proceed as follows:

  1. Start transaction Role Maintenance ( PFCG) and select a role.

  2. On the Menu tab page, choose the Other Node Details pushbutton.

  3. Select an entry in the Role Menu that is defined as a side panel.

  4. Decide if you want to make the side panel available for a specific application or for multiple applications and proceed as follows:

    • Application-Specific: To assign a side panel to a specific entry such as a transaction code, a Web Dynpro application, a Web address, or a file, enter the node ID of another entry in {REF=}, for example, {REF=644}, in the Application Alias field of the entry/folder. You cannot reference folders.


      The application alias is only processed in the following cases:

      • For entries that are defined as side panel

      • For entries that are defined as side panel not only on the folder level, but also on the application node level. That means that the side panel definition is not inherited from the folder level to the application contained in the side panel folder.


      We recommend that you do not place an application-specific side panel, that is a side panel that references an individual application, into a side panel folder. While this is possible it can lead confusion as side panels can get duplicated if you refer to an application inside your side panel folder.

    • Multiple Applications: To assign a side panel application to multiple applications, leave the Application Alias field of the entry/folder blank.

      All applications on the same or underlying tree levels have the entry assigned as a side panel.

  5. Optional: To assign a side panel for all roles of a user, enter the following data in the Application Alias field of the entry in the Role Menu :

    • For SAP GUI applications


    • For Web Dynpro applications


    By consequence, you change the assignment in one role and the side panel entries are assigned to all matching transactions in all roles of the user.

    For Web Dynpro applications, you can also specify the configuration (separated by a backslash), for example, {WDA=NWBC_*\NWBC_WDA_*} .

    {TR=.. } and {WDA=…} apply side panel entries for all nodes that match the specified criteria, irrespective of the roles in which they are used. Therefore, they are global references.


    Side panels are assigned to all user roles only in special cases when the user logs on without a specific role or cockpit defined. In this case all roles are loaded together with the roles that contain side panel definitions, and correspondingly all loaded roles are modified with the side panel assignment. However, if a user logs on with some specific role (without the mentioned side panel assignment definition), this role (or the resulting Role Menu ) does not get the side panel assignment from another side panel role.


You can also assign multiple applications and mix absolute, role-specific assignments ( {REF=25,89} ) with global SAP GUI transaction assignments ( {TR=SE16;SE80} ) and Web Dynpro application assignments: {REF=14;12}{TR=SE16;SE80}{WDA=NWBC_*\NWBC_WDA_*; WDR_TEST*}

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