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PORTAL.02 Navigation in NWBC After Changes to Portal RolesLocate this document in the navigation structure



If NWBC connects to SAP Enterprise Portal, NWBC caches portal roles and changed portal roles are not reflected in the NWBC navigation. After changing roles or assigning new roles to users, the NWBC front-end cache is not deleted automatically. Clearing the browser cache would solve the issue (this corrects the navigation according to the portal role changes), but this is not a feasible workaround because the browser cache of every client needs to be cleared.


To delete the NWBC front-end cache centrally from the server for all NWBC clients, proceed as follows:

  1. Log on to the portal as an administrator.

  2. To delete the portal navigation cache, choose the Clear Local Cache pushbutton in the Internet Explorer.

Result: The portal navigation cache is cleared and, with a new logon, the corresponding NWBC cache items (local items) become invalid and the cache is refreshed from the server. NWBC reloads the new navigation structure.

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