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6.7.1 Identification of UI Elements with SAP GUI Property CollectorLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can use SAP GUI Property Collector to identify the UI elements in an SAP GUI transaction (a dynpro screen) and their properties that are to be extracted and passed to the side panel. SAP GUI Property Collector helps you to determine the field IDs that you need to extract the data. Properties are the basis for defining tags. You need to collect the properties that are to be exposed from an SAP GUI transaction and then used in the side panel before you can define tags.

For more information, see 6.7.2 Creating Tags in the Tag Table .

In the Property Viewer, you can get an overview of the current screen and of all supported properties of a UI element. When you select a different property, it is automatically selected in the main dialog of SAP GUI Property Collector and you can directly add it to the collection. In the Property Viewer, you find the extended properties, that is, properties that are implemented in NWBC and not in SAP GUI scripting.



Every UI element has this property. The value is X when the field is currently visible on screen; the value is blank when the field is not on the screen.




For more information, see the screen explanations in the Property Viewer.


You use SAP GUI 7.20 (any patch level) to use SAP GUI Property Collector with SAP Logon (standalone SAP GUI).

You use SAP GUI 7.20 patch level 9 or higher to use SAP GUI transactions in NWBC.

You have installed and enabled SAP GUI scripting on the server and in SAP GUI.

For more information about SAP GUI scripting, see chapter Installation in the SAP GUI Scripting Security Guide SAP Developer Network (SDN) at .


If SAP GUI scripting is enabled, the screens can be read.

You can also use read-only scripting. For more information, see the SAP GUI scripting API documentation at .