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For each main application, you can define multiple side panel applications. When you open the application, NWBC loads the first side panel application automatically, the others stay inactive. Only when you select an inactive side panel application, NWBC loads this side panel and starts the session. When you deselect a side panel application, the session is kept active in the background even though you cannot see the user interface anymore. By doing so, there is no delay for the users when they switch back to a previously loaded side panel application. In addition, the state of the side panel application stays the same.

When the user navigates away from the main application, all sessions for related side panel applications are also terminated. One exception from this rule is that the new main application has the same side panel application as the previous one. In this case, the session of the side panel application is kept. This is the case when you click in the NWBC navigation panel and navigate within the application itself. Closing the side panel does not terminate the sessions of the contained side panel applications.