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9.2.1 Create a User Group and Assign a New User to That GroupLocate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Log in to the IBM WebSphere Portal as administrator and choose Administration .

  2. Choose Users and Groups from the navigation bar.

    Users and Groups

  3. Enter the name of the new user group, for example, EPM Users and choose the OK pushbutton.

    EPM Users

  4. To create a new EPM user, choose the New User pushbutton.

    New User

    To create a user, enter a user name, a password, and last name and choose OK (for example, user EPM , password abc123 ).

    Create User

  5. Choose the EPM Users user group to assign the newly created user EPM to that user group.

    EPM Users

  6. Choose the Add Member pushbutton.

    Add Member

  7. Select Users from the Search dropdown menu, enter EPM (user ID of the newly created user) into the Search input field and choose the Search pushbutton. In the result table, select the EPM user and choose the OK pushbutton.