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8.2 Measuring PerformanceLocate this document in the navigation structure


Use the following tools to measure performance for NWBC:

  • Client

    Microsoft Windows Task Manager shows you the memory consumption on the client side. For NWBC for Desktop the relevant task is called NWBC.exe. For NWBC for HTML, the browser process is relevant.

  • Network

    • With HTTP sniffers, you can measure the performance footprint on your network. A standard HTTP sniffer is, for example, Fiddler.

      For more information, see .

    • HTTP requests for the shell:

      • All HTTP requests for the shell start with the prefix /nwbc.

      • Do not measure those requests for JavaScript and image files as they are cached by your browser anyway.

  • SAP Server

    Use transaction User List ( SM04) to get additional information on the server-side ABAP session serving the requests for the shell.

Do not mix measurements of the login procedure with measurements for the shell and contents in the content area. During a typical user session, the login happens only once while the shell and the contents are executed many times.