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OBN.05 How to Handle Long Portal-Based OBN TargetsLocate this document in the navigation structure


Within ABAP, for an OBN definition within PFCG, both the object and method names can have a maximum of 32 characters. However, with a role defined within the SAP Portal based on the PCD, it is possible to have longer names. An application could trigger an OBN call with a name that exceeds 32 characters, based on a role defined in the PCD. In such a case, the application cannot usually be changed to trigger a different OBN when running within a role defined in PFCG. The recommended approach is to define the OBN targets within PFCG the same as in PCD, but to limit the string to 32 characters. The assumption is that the first 32 characters are sufficient. When an OBN that exceeds 32 characters (both on object and method) is triggered, the comparison to the definition is done only on the first 32 characters, allowing the same OBN targets to be used within a PFCG-defined role as well.