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OBN.01 Object-Based Navigation ErrorsLocate this document in the navigation structure


Object-based navigation (OBN) is a technology which allows navigation between applications in which the exact target application can only be resolved at runtime based on the available roles assigned and the OBN targets configured in these roles.

Example: The Buy Widgets pushbutton starts a new application that depends on the role definitions. The application triggers an OBN call During runtime, NWBC attempts to resolve this navigation request onto a configured application. For more information, see 5.11 Object-Based Navigation.

If this target is not found, this can be due to the following problems:

  • Configuration error

    Not all relevant roles are assigned to the user and the OBN target being addressed is not visible in one of the roles assigned to the user. During runtime, the system is unable to find out which other roles should be assigned to the user, since this is always dependent on the application in question. Report NWBC_LIST_OBN_TARGETS can help here - it returns a list of all roles that contain a specific OBN target. You can then make the message available for the relevant application component for further processing.

  • Development error

    The developer calls an OBN target that has never been defined. If this is the case, only the developer can solve the problem. The message must then be passed to the relevant application component.

You cannot solve this kind of OBN error on NWBC side. NWBC simply receives the request to trigger OBN. If there is no OBN target, NWBC has no other way of knowing which additional roles are required or whether a development error exists.