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INSTALL.11 Manually Uninstalling NWBC for DesktopLocate this document in the navigation structure



How do I manually uninstall NWBC for Desktop?


It is not recommended that you manually uninstall NWBC for Desktop. Instead, it is recommended that you use the Windows process to uninstall applications. However, if it is unsuccessful, consider removing the application by "brute force".

The following steps can be considered:

  1. Locate the installation directory. For more information, see INSTALL.10 NWBC for Desktop File Location.

  2. Unregister all ActiveX objects.

  3. Delete all files.

  4. Remove the NWBC directory.

The following commands can be considered:


These commands can potentially damage your system. Execute them only at your own risk and if you are comfortable working in a Windows CMD shell. Especially a DEL * command permanently deletes all files in the current directory. Make sure that this command is only executed in the NWBC directory.


  CD "\Program Files\SAP\NWBC"

  PAUSE "Confirm Directory is \Program Files\SAP\NWBC"

  FOR %T IN (*.DLL) DO REGSVR32 /U /S %T

  DEL /S /F *

  CD ..