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INSTALL.07 Internet Explorer and Links that Open New WindowsLocate this document in the navigation structure



After the installation of NWBC, Microsoft Internet Explorer cannot open a new window or opens empty windows when clicking a link. Due to installation sequences and dependencies, sometimes the Microsoft Internet Explorer libraries are not registered correctly after an installation or uninstallation.


You can solve this problem by registering the library shdocvw.dll again:

  1. Under Windows, start cmd.exe (logged on as an administrator).

  2. Change the current path to your system32 directory, which is located in the /windows directory (for Microsoft Vista).

  3. Execute the following command:

    for MS Internet Explorer 6:

    regsvr32 mshtml.dll and regsvr32 shdocvw.dll

    for MS Internet Explorer 7 and 8:

    C:\Program Files\SAP\SapSetup\setup\SapRegSv.exe regsvr32 mshtml.tlb

    You also might have to reregister shdocvw.dll using SapRegSv.


    The SAP version of the program, SapRegSv, must be used on the .TLB file, and not the standard RegSvr32.