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The typical symptom is a Microsoft Windows (blue) error screen that appears randomly ( “blue screen of death”). Switch off and restart your computer.


These types of errors are caused by device drivers running in Microsoft Windows kernel mode or by faulty hardware (usually memory). It is not possible for normal user applications to cause such errors. Although it is true that NWBC can trigger the error regularly or randomly, NWBC itself is not responsible for the error. In the typical examples observed, the problems were usually caused by the graphics driver running in kernel mode. The reason for this is that NWBC uses a lot of "exotic" functions from the graphics adapter over the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). In this sequence, it is typically the graphics driver itself, running in kernel mode, that causes the blue screen error. We recommend, as a first step, that you update the graphics drivers to the latest versions.

In addition, the blue screen also lists any number of device drivers that were involved in triggering the error, for example, win32k.sys. We recommend that you use an Internet search engine and search for the expression "blue screen of death" plus the name of the device driver causing the error. In most cases, many relevant links are returned.

If this does not resolve the problem, contact your IT team to request that both the hardware and Microsoft Windows installation be reviewed and possibly replaced.