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CRASH.03 Crashes in NWBC (While Displaying an HTML Application)Locate this document in the navigation structure



The typical symptoms observed are that a specific click sequence through an application causes NWBC to crash. The error message error is displayed roughly in this format:

The Instruction at 0x004496e5 referenced memory at 0x0000000. The memory could not be read.

When you choose the OK pushbutton, NWBC is terminated.

If the problem occurs, it is usually limited to specific computers and always within the same place with an HTML-based application. Typically, the problem cannot be reproduced in a stand-alone setup when the same application is executed directly within the browser.

One well-known cause of these problems is related to a timing behavior in the Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6). Specific sequences of rendered HTML, especially around complex Web Dynpro rendering, can cause the IE 6 to crash. This causes the subsequent crash in NWBC.

To better isolate the problem, check if the following applies:

  • The crash occurs with a click stream through an HTML-based application.

  • The computer has a Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 installed.


Although it is possible to change the underlying HTML to prevent the crash, it is extremely difficult to identify the exact HTML construct causing the problem and modifying the rendered HTML. We recommend that you install a newer version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. As a fallback, consider experimenting with installing all relevant IE 6 fixes, although it is not known whether there exists an IE 6 fix for this problem.