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NWBC is attempting to start an SAP GUI transaction and then displays the following error message:

Logon to SAP System failed. The system description 'XYZ' cannot be found in the system list.


Within NWBC, a connection is defined that, in addition, specifies for SAP GUI connections that the connection data from SAP GUI logon with the description 'XYZ' is to be used for all SAP GUI connections started by NWBC. When this error message appears, no such SAP GUI connection is defined with the matching description. In nearly all cases, we recommend not to define this configuration string, but to leave the field empty. If the configuration string is defined, it must match an SAP GUI connection description. If this configuration field is empty (default recommended case), the connection data that NWBC received from the server is also used to start SAP GUI connections. This configuration field is only necessary in special cases where a special SAP GUI connection is required, over an SAP GUI router, for example.

SAP GUI Logon System

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3.4.1 Configuring Connections