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This chapter describes different programming aspects regarding applications in SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC). The following concepts are described:

  • Generating an external startup URL for NWBC

    Outlines possible startup sequences for an NWBC shell

  • Creating an NWBC desktop icon

    Explains the practical use and how to set up an icon with a startup URL for NWBC

  • High-level architecture

    Provides an overview of the central classes and interfaces of the NWBC runtime

  • ABAP-based APIs

    Describes interface IF_NWBC_RUNTIME and class CL_NWBC

  • HTTP REST-Based APIs

    Lists the most prominent Web services that are provided by the NWBC runtime

  • NWBC application context

    Describes how the NWBC context can show which window is active with the result that the application can use this information to decide whether a CLOSE or END pushbutton is needed in the content area

  • Integrating the context-sensitive side panel

    Describes the programming steps needed to implement a side panel