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The Link Collection setting in transaction Role Maintenance ( PFCG) means that the folder, along with its entries, is rendered as a collection of related links, which belongs to the currently selected folder and is displayed in the lower part of the navigation panel. To define link collections on the Menu tab page in transaction PFCG, select the relevant folder, choose the Other Node Details pushbutton and select the Link Collection option in the Folder Options field.

Typical names of a link collection are You can Also , See Also , Create New or Services . For this type of link collection, the name already suggests its purpose.

Link collections are displayed on the navigation panel for the selected folder. When clicking an entry in a link collection, it is always started in an application window.

The concept described above is illustrated in the following figure:

Link Collection

A folder that is specified as a link collection is always a child folder belonging to a parent folder. A link collection belongs to, and is displayed for, a folder and all of its entries. A folder can have multiple link collections.

One specialty of link collections is the way they are propagated down through the navigation tree. A link collection on a folder at any level of the navigation tree is also visible for all child folders. If there is more than one link collection for the same folder with exactly the same display name, the collections are merged.