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A role is defined by the following information:

  • Role Name

    Technical name of the role. This name is unique and is used as the key for tables and for the transport system.

    The selection of the role name is limited by namespaces and naming conventions.

  • Description

    Language-dependent short text that can be displayed for the user. We strongly recommend that you always enter a description.

    This short text is used to display a list of roles available in the dropdown menu for a client, for example. This enables the user to switch from role to role. Another example is a list of roles from which a power user can assign appropriate roles to other users. This short text is also used as tooltip.

  • Target System

    RFC destination of a role in another ABAP system

The role details described above are shown in the following figure:

Role description

In addition to the role name, short text, and a possible target system, the entry Long Text on the Description tab page is important. The long text is always used if detailed information about a role for the user has to be displayed. It can be seen as mini-help.

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