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5.12.5 Determining Parameters for TransactionsLocate this document in the navigation structure


When an OBN call is mapped onto a transaction, parameter mapping is still possible. Use the technical information to determine the screen field names (as is usually used for batch input) for the startup screen of the target application. If all fields are available, the start screen fields are filled and the transaction moves to the next field.

For example, you wish to start transaction User Maintenance ( SU01) to show the information for the user ANZEIGER. Start the transaction in SAP GUI and determine the screen field name. The following figure shows an example, in which the value is USR02-BNAME:

Screen Field

Secondly, determine the OK code for the next screen. To do this, choose Start of the navigation path System Next navigation step Status... End of the navigation path from the menu and then double-click the GUI Status field. A status editor appears that shows all the OK codes possible on this specific dynpro under Function Keys . The activities described above are shown in the following figure:

Function Keys

We recommend that you test the screen field names with values using the SAP GUI for HTML. The startup URL of the SAP GUI for HTML has the following format:



For this test example, use the following URL (using %20 as URL encoding of a space character):


The concept described above is shown in the following figure:

SU01 in browser

With this data, you can now easily map an OBN target onto a transaction. If OBN interface User.Display( username:string ) has to be mapped, a normal static parameter is added in the OBN mapping for the dynpro OK code. This parameter is then automatically added to the startup parameters for the transaction.

      User.Display( username:string ) -> SU01( USR02-BNAME={username} DYNP_OKCODE=SHOW )

The concept described above is illustrated in the following figure:

Parameter mapping


For an OBN call onto a transaction, always define the transaction as a transaction code . Do not specify an SAP GUI for HTML URL directly! For the OBN parameter mapping, we always use standard URL encoding formats . The NWBC runtime transforms the standard URL formats into the specialized format required by SAP GUI for HTML.