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5.12.2 Determining the OBN InterfaceLocate this document in the navigation structure


One approach, supported by the PFCG integration, is to use business objects from the Business Object Repository (BOR) for the definition of the OBN interfaces. The object model of the BOR provides a description of all business objects, their methods, and their parameters. Use the Business Object Builder ( SWO1) transaction to look up the required information. In the context of NWBC, the calling application needs to know the interface and the names and possible values of the parameters. This is achieved by directly referencing BOR objects.


The BOR objects are only a design time construct to define the symbolic interfaces. At runtime there is no BOR involvement; the BOR business objects are purely used to help alignment onto standardized interfaces.

The use of BOR objects is optional. It is a repository of predefined interfaces that also includes parameter mapping. Alternatively, in transaction Role Maintenance ( PFCG), you can configure a predefined set of values that have no relationship to an actual BOR object. The agreement on the decision of which specific symbolic interface to use is handled within the development team and must be documented. In this case, the following data must be known: the object name, the method name, and the list of parameters with their value ranges. This information is used to define the mapping onto the target application that must be called.

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