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In all SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP systems, you can start the Launch NWBC ( NWBC) transaction by .entering /nNWBC in the command prompt field:


This transaction code starts the ~launch page in the browser, that is, a separate browser instance is started.

An example of a ~launch page is illustrated in the following figure:

Example of transaction NWBC

The benefit of this function is that you do not need to look up HTTP ports, and so on. Within the ~launch page, all configured cockpits in this system with the list of associated roles are displayed. All cockpits for which the user has no roles are filtered.

  • The first icon (or the link with the leading slash) starts NWBC for HTML.

  • The second icon (or the link without leading slash) starts NWBC for Desktop.

Transaction NWBC uses class CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER to start the URL in the browser. This class starts the URL with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) installed, even if another browser is defined as the default browser. The reason for this is that the class contains additional logic to insert authentication information from the running SAP GUI session into the Microsoft Internet Explorer instance when started, so that, by default, the browser runs with the same user name and client as the active SAP GUI session.