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You can start the ~launch page with transaction NWBC. The availability of the ~launch page is controlled with ICF node nwbc_launch. If this node is disabled in the ICF service tree, transaction NWBC directly starts NWBC for HTML.


The ~launch page shows all available cockpits and all roles that the user has assigned for this cockpit. Therefore, this ~launch page allows a user to get an overview of the available cockpits (that are active in ICF) with the specific roles that can be reached through each cockpit.

The ~launch page also offers the option to start either NWBC for Desktop or NWBC for HTML. The first icon (or the link with the leading slash) starts NWBC for HTML. The following figure shows an example of a ~launch page for NWBC for HTML:

Launch NWBC for HTML

The second icon (or the link without leading slash) starts NWBC for Desktop. The following figure shows an example of a ~launch page for NWBC for Desktop:

Launch NWBC for Desktop


If you use role names that contain special characters, for example “/” , “?” , and “=” , you cannot start NWBC from the ~launch page. For more information, see SAP Note 1826609 Information published on SAP site.


The following figure shows an example of a ~launch page that is used to test roles in NWBC:

Test role

By clicking the link under Other , you can start a role that is not assigned to your user. You can use this link to test the role. However, only the navigation tree is shown in NWBC, no authority objects from the role are assigned to the user. Enter the role name into the field and click one of the icons.


In addition, the ~launch page can have an optional link that can be customized to tell the user from where to install NWBC for Desktop. This optional link corresponds to the entry in table NWBC_CFG for INSTALL_DIRECTORY. The entry can look like this in NWBC_CFG:







Install latest NWBC Desktop 3.5 from here...


This corresponds to the following output in the browser:

Install link