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The /sap/bc/nwbc/nwbc_test ( /sap/bc/nwbc/~test) page shows all cockpits and their associated roles. This page is important when resolving possible problems. It provides a view of all the data that is gathered by the NWBC runtime before sending it to the client. This is a direct output of the data and identical to the data that is sent to the client. The ~test page allows you to isolate whether errors are already on the server or only later at the client.

Access to the ~test page is controlled via the ICF node nwbc_test. For more information, see 7.6 ICF Configuration . Additionally, clients read this page (if active and available) to include all server-relevant information in a ZIP file when gathering information for a problem ticket.

You can launch the ~test page by pasting ~test at the end of the HTTP URL that you use to connect to the server. Then copy this URL and paste it into a browser. The ~test page is displayed. For more information, see 3.4.1 Configuring System Connections .



The ~test page contains the following information:

Type of Information


Troubleshooting information

User information, HTTP information, single sign-on, PFCG, roles, local configuration

System information

Runtime version, base URL, fully qualified base URL, fully qualified domain name

User information

User settings in transaction User Maintenance ( SU01)

Configuration information

Entries in table NWBC_CFG and NWBC_CFG_SAP.

For more information, see 4.6 Configuration via Table NWBC_CFG .

Cockpits information

Names and paths of the different cockpits

Roles information

Roles assigned in transaction Role Maintenance ( PFCG)

Navigation tree


OBN targets


Cockpits with roles


The ~test page gathers extensive server side information to help in troubleshooting. We recommend that you disable this node in highly secure productive systems or systems attached directly to the internet. If in doubt, disable this node.