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4.3 Settings for Fully Qualified Domain NamesLocate this document in the navigation structure


Fully qualified domain names (FQDN) are strictly required to ensure that NWBC runs smoothly. This is also the case for BSP and Web Dynpro ABAP.

FQDNs are necessary for the following reasons:

  • One domain is required with which cookies can be set domain-wide, for instance, MYSAPSSO2 cookies.

  • A domain relaxation code is required for cross-frame JavaScript.

  • In an HTTPS environment, client and server names must correspond to each other for certificates and for the SSL protocol.


The domain in which AS ABAP is run is not necessarily the FQDN used to access AS ABAP from the browser. A typical example is an AS ABAP system that runs both in the Intranet and in the Internet. In a case like this, the FQDN is determined by the position of the browser relative to this AS ABAP system and not by the AS ABAP system itself.

  1. Go to the Maintain Profile Parameters ( RZ10) transaction and select the profile for the application server instance.

  2. To modify the profile in the Extended maintenance mode, select Extended maintenance .

  3. Configure the icm/host_name_full parameter with the fully qualified host name for the server.

    For more information, see icm/host_name_full .

    The following figure shows an example of how to configure the icm/host_name_full parameter:

    Example of icm/host_name_full

  4. Save your settings.

  5. Restart your system.


    All parameter changes require a restart of the system before taking effect.

  6. Open the following test page through a browser to verify that the fully qualified name is working properly:


Host Name Conventions

If authentication using single sign-on or stateful applications is not working, it is often because the host and/or domain names do not reflect standard naming. There are Internet standards that define the naming conventions for domain names. It often comes down to a question of how strictly your browser implements the rules.

Summary of the rules:

  • Domains with the extensions com, edu, net, org, gov, mil, or int must contain at least one additional domain part.

    This is normally the name of the company or organization.

  • Domains with other extensions, including national top-level domains such as de, uk, or fr, must have at least two additional domain parts.

    In the case of top-level domains for countries, browsers often accept domains with just one additional domain part. However, for other, non-standard top-level domains, two additional domain parts are required.


    Underscores ( _) are not supported for host names.

More Information

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