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3.4 End-User ConfigurationLocate this document in the navigation structure


You must configure NWBC on your client for the first logon.

  1. To start NWBC, double-click the appropriate icon on your desktop.

    This automatically connects NWBC with the default connection. When you log on to NWBC, a logon screen appears. This is the logon screen for the generic system logon .

  2. Enter the required data.

    The dialog box closes automatically once the logon process is complete and the content has been retrieved. NWBC starts.

  3. To select the current system and to configure system connections, choose Start of the navigation path Settings Next navigation step Connections Next navigation step Systems End of the navigation path.

    The Systems dialog box opens. You can now configure your system connections.

    For more information, see 3.4.1 Configuring System Connections .

In addition, you can configure the following: