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Besides having NWBC installed by every end user on their computer, you can also install NWBC without end-user interaction by installing the NWBC front-end in an automated process. Therefore, NWBC can be added to an existing 7.20/7.30 SAP GUI installation server.

This unified procedure allows the administrator to collect many SAP front-end components (or front-end products) on an installation server, and then perform installations, updates, or uninstallations on workstations using a network.

Proceed as follows:

  1. To create an installation server on your computer, take an SAP GUI 7.20/7.30 CD and start setup\NwCreateInstServer.exe.

    The SAP NetWeaver Installation Server wizard starts:

    Installation wizard

  2. Follow the steps in the wizard and choose a suitable directory on your computer, for example, C:\TestServer.

  3. Restart your computer.

  4. Take the NWBC<version><patch level>.exe, for example, NWBC300_12 for NWBC version 3.0 in patch level 12, which you can download from the SAP Service Marketplace, and start it with option /CreateServer to add the contents of NWBC to the existing SAP GUI 7.20/7.30 installation server.

  5. Follow the steps in the subsequent dialogs.

  6. Enter C:\TestServer in the folder path dialog.

  7. Start C:\TestServer\SetupAll.exe to see that NWBC is now part of the installation source.

    The following figure shows the front-end installation dialog box including NWBC:

    Installation as part of SAP GUI installation

  8. Select the SAP NetWeaver Business Client installation option and follow the steps in the installation wizard.

More Information

For more information about adding NWBC to the installation server, see SAP Front End Installation Guide that is stored in the Docu directory both on the CD and the SAP NetWeaver SAPSetup - SAPs Front-End Software Deployment Tool guide ( Workstation Installation Help.chm).