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Example of search

A search function is always available at the top of NWBC. There are the following types of search:

  • Enterprise Search

    Integration of SAP Enterprise Search, if configured (available from SAP NetWeaver 7.03 onwards). All Enterprise Search connectors configured and active on the Web Application Server are automatically offered as search providers in the searches in NWBC for Desktop.

  • External search

    Search providers that have been configured in advance in the search provider settings for the client or in PFCG for the server. For more information, see 3.4.2 Configuring Search Providers and 5.9 Menu .

  • Desktop search

    Standard Microsoft search option that is always available.

In the Search For: field, enter the search term and choose the Search pushbutton. To further refine the search, select a category in which the search should be carried out by using the F4 help on the In: field. The text search is then carried out in the category specified.

If you choose the Search pushbutton without entering a search string, the search dialog is displayed in a separate window.

The categories that are shown have been configured for the client in the search provider settings and for the server in PFCG. For more information, see 3.4.2 Configuring Search Providers and 5.9 Menu . You can either select an entry in the dropdown menu for the categories, or use the keyboard to enter a search term. If you type in a b , the first entry that starts with B is automatically selected. The search results are listed in the separate search/results window. In the results window, you can see the status of the search, the search query URL as well as further information about the separate search results.

Example of Enterprise Search results