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By using CTRL + click the Help menu, you are offered functions for extended supportability. These functions are intended for administrators and support specialists. They are not relevant for normal use and, therefore, are not documented in further detail. However, as an example of the type of functionality provided, a few entries are highlighted and explained here.

The functions available for extended supportability are as follows:

  • Create Support Report

  • Client Information

  • Server Information

  • Show Canvas in External Browser

  • Start Shell in External Browser

  • Copy direct startup URL(s) to clipboard

  • Check Installation

  • View Log File

  • Special Switches

Create Support Report

You select the options that should be part of the support report and add some explanatory text. You can send the report to a support person by e-mail or store it in a ZIP file and attach it to a problem ticket.

The following options are available:

  • Overview

  • Client Information

  • Loaded Navigation Tree

  • Runtime Traces

  • Shell Traces

  • Statistics

  • ABAP Troubleshooting Information

  • Windows

Client Information

A huge amount of client data is displayed, which helps with support issues. You can store this information in a zip file and attach it to a problem ticket.

Example of client information

Server Information

All relevant server-related data is displayed in a separate window, which helps with support issues. This information is also stored in the supportability zip file. For more information, see 4.7 ~test Page .

Show Content Area in External Browser and Start Shell in External Browser

These functions help with troubleshooting. They simplify attempts to reproduce errors without requiring a specific version of NWBC to be installed. This enables support groups within SAP to faster reproduce errors. If the NWBC shell and content area can be displayed in any standalone browser, it is likely that the error is not an NWBC error but an application error.

Examples of starting shell and content area in external browser