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2 Using SAP NetWeaver Business ClientLocate this document in the navigation structure


This chapter looks at different aspects concerning the usage of SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) and describes typical end user steps.

  • 2.1 Starting NWBC

    Explains the use of the desktop icon, steps of the logon sequence, and the reuse of the last selected connection.

  • 2.2 Shell Overview

    Describes the design, menus, the navigation area, and the search area.

  • 2.3 Navigation

    Describes top-level navigation, the navigation panel, and the quick-navigation features.

  • 2.4 Content Area Types

    Compares the content area types, which are the browser and SAPĀ GUI, and describes how different kinds of applications can have different rendering engines.

  • 2.5 Multi-Windows

    Describes the concept of multi-windows and the difference between simple navigation clicks and SHIFT + Click.

  • 2.6 Menus

    Explains the menu structure and menu items offered in Favorites , Settings , and Help .

  • 2.7 Search

    Describes the different search options such as Enterprise Search, external search, and desktop search.

  • 2.8 Navigation Panels and Quick Launch

    Outlines the additional quick navigation function, which allows fast searching and selection of any navigation entry.

  • 2.9 Side Panel

    Describes how to open, use, and close the side panel.

  • 2.10 Logging Off

    Describes how to log off and close all windows, terminate existing sessions, and close applications.

  • 2.11 Connecting to Different Systems

    Describes how to connect to a different system.

  • 2.12 Extended Supportability

    Describes the troubleshooting functions available by using CTRL + clicking the Help menu.

  • 2.13 NWBC for HTML

    Compares NWBC for Desktop with limited functions of NWBC for HTML.


This chapter focuses on NWBC for Desktop. The functions described in the following sections are similar in NWBC for HTML:


The images in the following documentation are from a first released version. The design of NWBC is constantly being evolved. For this reason, the UIs may vary from one NWBC version to the next. The components and user interfaces in your NWBC version may differ depending on how your system administrator configures the system.