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When you create problem messages for SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) (component BC-FES-BUS*), in addition to describing the steps up to when the error occurred, the following information makes it easier to find the cause of the error, to process the error, and to find a solution.

Issues with


General support

SUP.01 What Information should be Included in a Problem Ticket

SUP.02 When is an Error an NWBC Error?

SUP.03 How to Activate Tracing

SUP.04 How to Create a Support Report

SUP.05 Where are the Trace Files Stored?

SUP.06 How to Open an HTTP Connection to a Customer Site

SUP.07 Why Do We Need a User with the Correct Roles Assigned?

Installation and environment

INSTALL.01 SAP GUI Version Information

INSTALL.02 How to Obtain the Portal Version

INSTALL.03 On which SAP NetWeaver Versions is NWBC v3.0 supported?

INSTALL.04 We have NW7.01 SP<06 and can see /sap/bc/nwbc, but ...

INSTALL.05 We have an old version of SAP NetWeaver, can we use NWBC?

INSTALL.06 Can We Use NWBC If our SAP NetWeaver Version is Older Than Stated in Note 1368177

INSTALL.07 Internet Explorer and Links that Open New Windows

INSTALL.08 NWBC v3.0 and v1.0 Maintenance and Support

INSTALL.09 NWBC for Desktop Installation Errors (SAPSetup Errors)

INSTALL.10 NWBC for Desktop File Location

INSTALL.11 Manually Uninstalling NWBC for Desktop

INSTALL.12 Installation Only Extracts Without Installing

INSTALL.13 Problems Installing .NET v3.5


CFG.01 Popup Dialog 'Logon to SAP System Failed'

CFG.02 Interactive Option 'GUI Link' for ICF Service Nodes


ABAP.01 Locks After Short Dumps or Exceptions


PFCG.01 Searching for Technical Names

PFCG.02 What Happens If No Roles are Assigned?

PFCG.03 Why are Some Strings in Quotes?


OBN.01 Object-Based Navigation Errors

OBN.02 Failed to Resolve Object-Based Navigation

OBN.03 How to Verify OBN Configuration at Database Level

OBN.04 How to Debug OBN

OBN.05 How to Handle Long Portal-Based OBN Targets

OBN.99 What to Do If All Else Fails...


PORTAL.01 The Size of (SAP NetWeaver Portal) iViews is Too Small

PORTAL.02 Navigation in NWBC is wrong after portal roles adjustments


SEC.01 Security Errors

SEC.02 Logon with Different User when Digital Certificates are Active

SEC.03 SSO logon not possible; browser logon ticket cannot be accepted

SEC.04 SSO Logon not possible; logon tickets not activated on server

SEC.05 Possible Number of Active Connections with NWBC

SEC.06 Can Authentication Information be Shared Between Connections

SEC.07 Security Alert: Security Certificate has Expired or is Not Yet Valid

SEC.08 Browser-Based Testing and Authentication

SEC.9 Why does NWBC Only Use Basic Authentication Popup for Logon

SEC.10 J2EE Overwriting MYSAPSSO2


CRASH.01 What Exactly does Crash Mean?

CRASH.02 Microsoft .Net Exception

CRASH.03 Crashes in NWBC (While Displaying an HTML Application)



CRASH.06 Blue Screen of Death

CRASH.07 CX_NWBC=>RELEASE_UNSUPPORTED 'NWBC is only supported with SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EHP2 or 7.20 and further releases'