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To understand the performance profile of SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC), you need to begin by looking at the architecture.

The figure below shows the architecture and is followed by an explanation:


  1. On startup, NWBC runs the logon procedure and authenticates the user at the back end (depicted in green).

  2. The shell reads role-related information from the server-side PFCG store to provide navigation means between different SAP applications (depicted in blue).

  3. The user interfaces of each of these applications are embedded in a content area ( canvas ) running inside NWBC. These content areas are reading and writing application data (depicted in orange).


NWBC does not change the performance behavior of the contained applications. The shell adds some additional performance on top but this happens in a constant way and does not relate to the performance behavior of the application. The application footprint is the same as if it were running in a standalone scenario.

This chapter describes different performance aspects of NWBC:

  • Performance Analysis

    Explains performance aspects of NWBC and the influence that NWBC could have on the back-end performance

  • Measuring Performance

    Describes different tools that can help you with performance measurements

  • Session Management

    Describes session management regarding the side panel