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3.3 Installation of NWBC on Windows Terminal ServerLocate this document in the navigation structure

  • You have local administrator rights on the Windows Terminal Server (WTS) to perform the installation.

  • To prevent possible screen flicker issues on WTS, install and apply the Microsoft hotfix 955692. For more information, see The equivalent Citrix hotfix reference is CTX121354.


You can install NWBC centrally on WTS farms that end-users can access.

To install NWBC on a WTS server, log on to the WTS as local administrator. The installation is always done in install mode . If you switch the WTS into install mode, additional registry entries are maintained during the installation process, and the environment is prepared for multi-user environments. For more information, see .

For end users, NWBC works only after a domain user has logged on as administrator using Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) and has started NWBC in install mode at least once. Usually, the local administrator can do this. As an administrator, you can install NWBC using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

The number of NWBC sessions that can be supported on a WTS server depends on the typical usage pattern, for example, whether SAPĀ GUI or Web Dynpro applications are run, and on the number of open windows. Furthermore, NWBC extensively uses graphics, which can cause an additional load on the WTS servers.

After NWBC is installed, the administrator makes the configuration settings. For more information, see 3.5 Administrator Configuration .