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SUP.07 Why Do We Need a User with the Correct Roles Assigned?Locate this document in the navigation structure


NWBC is a shell that is driven by the roles assigned to the specific user. The assigned roles have the most influence on the applications that are available to be started and the rights assigned that are required to execute the transactions. Additionally, the exact assigned roles are critical for resolving of object-based navigation (OBN) targets.

For this reason, it is important, when resolving problem tickets, that authentication data (user name and password) be provided and the correct roles be assigned to the user to reproduce the problem.

Due to system security settings, it is not possible for us to assign our own roles to a test user. Therefore, when opening a problem ticket, please first forward it to your system administrator, quality manager or test co-ordinator to request that a user be made available with all the correct roles assigned.

This is an absolute prerequisite before the problem ticket can be processed.