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We often recieve problem tickets of the nature "When doing ... we get a dump ...".


However, one should clearly first understand what NWBC is, and based on this information, decide whether the error is an NWBC error or not. NWBC is effectively a shell that is able to run different types of applications. Problems that occur on the shell belong to NWBC. Any problems that are related to the content area, effectively belong to the application running in the content area (canvas) and usually have nothing to do with NWBC.

Of course, there is no clear and simple rule that works in most cases. But consider the following guideline when opening a problem ticket:


Component for Processing

The problem is directly related to or visible on the shell.


The problem occurs in the content area with a personal object worklist (POWL) running.


The problem in the content area is related to the underlying Web Dynpro application.


The problem in the content area is related to rendering errors in a SAPĀ GUI transaction.


Error example

Another error example