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SUP.01 What Information Should Be Included in a Problem TicketLocate this document in the navigation structure


When opening a problem ticket, include as many details as possible. The more information you give us, the more easily and quickly we can resolve the issue for you.

Required details:


Name / Client / Language

The system data, especially the name of the system, the client in the system, and the logon language.

Type of System:


If possible, specify whether it is a direct connection to an ABAP system or a portal connection.



Always include the URL that is used to access the system.



Provide a user name and password if at all possible. The reason is that in nearly all cases, problems are related to the roles that have been assigned to the specific user. We do not require (nor request) your personal user. We need a separate test user that has exactly the same set of roles assigned.


NWBC for Desktop / NWBC for HTML (if important)

Most problems are the same in both variants of NWBC. However, include information indicating whether NWBC for Desktop or NWBC for HTML is being used, particularly if the problem is related to the shell.

Image(s) or Video:

To navigate easily to the problem

Include at least one screen shot that shows the complete navigation path to the error. If the error is in a separate window, move the window so that we can see the complete shell, we need to know which work center was selected, and within the work center the exact navigation path to the error location. Draw on the image if needed. Alternatively, create a low-resolution video.


Only for SAP-internal tickets: name of your QM.


Support report (if NWBC for Desktop is used)

NWBC for Desktop: Always include a support report by using CTRL+ click on the Help menu. For more information, see SUP.04 How to Create a Support Report.


Write a short text explaining the problem as best as possible.

If possible, include a description of the click stream to the error, of the observed behavior and, where applicable, the expected behavior. It is important for us to understand what the real problem is.